My HealthyStock

My HealthyStock

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 TV/Games/Computer Games

 Strengthening: gymnastics, push ups, core:
Behavior at School:

  Talk with family member 10 minutes or more about anything without TV, radio, games etc
  Attend School Today
Finish Homework:

Quiet Time for 20 minutes
Used Coupon or had parent use coupon on something already buying
Dentist Appointment:
Strengthening: gymnastics, push ups, core:

Pedometer Steps:
Fruits & Vegetables 1/2 of plate:
Ages 9-13 One Cup = 1 large banana, 1 medium Grapefruit, 12 baby carrots, 8 strawberries, 1 medium baked potato. 
1/2 cup = 16 grapes, 1 large plum, 6 baby carrots, 4 strawberries
Hydration: Ages 9-12 should get 7 cups of water per day. 1/% or fat free milk or 100% fruit juice may count as water intake. If exercising > 40 minutes at a time, then Gatorade/Powerade can count as your water intake.
 Sodas - Coke, Sprite etc:

Report Card Grades:
Get family member to eat healthier meal

Eat one less bag of chips, cookies or high calorie foods
Family Fitness: Get family member to exercise etc
Cookies, cake, chocolate, candy, potato chips etc
  These below are one time, quarterly or yearly things that may not apply each time you fill out the form. Just check if it applies

Blood Pressure improvements:
 Blood Pressure (NIH for 9 year old)
BMI Changes:

  Opened Savings Account